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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sparkley Saffron

Ok, so I have re-done my gorgeous gold glitter nails by Saffron and I must say WOW!!

What I should have done the first time round was give my nails a base colour, I choose black.

The black polish is from H+M and called 'man hunter'.
(I always seem to giggle at this name - I dont know why)

This varnish is gorgeous and extremely shiny!! Im not wearing a top coat in the above picture and look how lovely it looks :)

Now to add the gold glitter;

How amazing? It looks so much better with a base colour, Im annoyed I rushed into it yesterday but thats me - too exciteable with new polishes!

Hope you've had a super Sunday!!!!!


  1. This came out amazing!!!!! It looks like a galaxy! Good Job!!


  2. looks gorgeous! where did u get the gold from? xx

  3. Thank you :)

    If you go on ebay and search 'saffron gold glitter' it will come up. Its about £1.49! Bargain or what! and so so pretty! Its like tiny particles or actual gold hehe

  4. i love the base colour, love it!!!

  5. I have loads of the saffron glitters & colour they are so good & cheap I buy them from my local indoor market at £1.70 for 2 lol this is one of my favourite ways to wear it but it does look amazing over a small gold glitter its just a bugger to take off lol x