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Saturday, 7 January 2012

NOTD Saffron Gold Glitter

Hello my lovely readers :)

I was really excited when I got home to find a package for me, and of course inside was a new nail polish to try out!!

The 'Saffron London' range of nail varnish come in a Stylish yet odd shaped bottle with a nice gold cap. The bottle has a bend in it, which looks strange but makes it easier to hold.

The shade I chose was 'Gold Glitter' which I bought from ebay for £1.49 delivered - An absolute steal of a price!

Now.... I was SO excited when I saw how glittery it was, I opened it straight away and started painting my nails. The down side to this is that the glitter isnt as 'glittery' as it looks once on the nails, so a base colour would have made then look stunning. Without a base colour they look ok from afar but up close they look abit of a 'bodge'.

They shine so much but unfortunatly I couldnt get a picture good enough to show you. With the flash they looked like black dots, without the flash my nails just looked dull. Infact, the picture doesnt give this polish any justice at all!

Im going to have to re-do my nails again later but with a base colour, maybe a black? Or maybe a light gold colour? Im unsure yet, but will post pictures tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a super weekend!!

ps, NOTD stands for 'Nail Of The Day' incase any of you were confused :)

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  1. I made something similar of my own with a MUA £1 clear polish and I piled loads of glitter in it,looks good