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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cath Kidston Nails - Repeated!

Hello nail blog readers, and how are we all?  I cannot wait to see the nail trends that will soon appear for 2012 and Im sure this design will be on the agenda!

Ive not met anyone who doesnt love Cath Kidston designs and when I last created this look, I had some amazing feedback. So I thought I would create it again, with slightly different colours and a tweek on the design!

I normally use my blue Barry M polish for my base, but thought I'd change the colour and use a light green. The W7 was bought for me as a present, but I have seen  them everywhere including New Look where they are priced around £2.99 a bottle. The polish is ok and has a very thick brush so perfect for doing your nails quick.

I choose 3 colours from my Rio nail art set, 2 different shades of pink for the flower and a dark green for the leaves.

I used the light pink to add afew circles on each nail and while the polish was still wet, I mixed the dark pink ontop of the light pink circles. This was to give some depth and shadow to the flowers. Once they were dry I added 2 lines onto each flower for the leaves :)

After the top coat is complete and dry you are ready to show of your new fabulous nails!!!

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