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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Leopard Print Nails

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I adore animal print and am a little obsessed with leopard print, I think it has to be the coolest print to see on anything, let alone nails! So, of course Ive developed my own nails with a groovy leopard print design and here's how I did it;

In order to create a leopard print look I needed to gather up some good looking polishes. My choice had to be Nails inc's 'Basil Street'. Its a brown/fawny colour and creates a perfect base for my print nails.

I picked out 2 brown colours from my Rio art pen set and also a black to emphasize the markings.

Once the base coat was applyed, I simply added random 'blodges' on each nail - big, small, circular, long - allsorts. It doesnt have to be perfect as every print is different, which is the beauty of the design.

I then set about 'bordering' the 'blodges'... (My way of describing is something to be desired, right!?) Again the bordering doesnt need to be done perfect, infact its better if its not! Dont fully complete the border, leave gaps and make some thick and some thin.

Hopefully your nails should look something like this;

I must admit - I'm loving this design. Its easy to create and looks so effective, its bound to get everyone talking about your nails!

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