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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Black Studded Nails

Hello :)

My friend was showing me photos of a bag she bought in the sale from River Island.
The bag is black and has gold stud details on the front. Its absolutly gorgeous and I wanted to recreate the design in the only way I know how -  through Nail Art!!!

Here is the famous bag;

Afew weeks ago I went on a spending spree on ebay and luckily I had bought some gold studs!

The nails were actually easy to create, just very time consuming and fustrating fiddling with the gold studs. I painted all the nails black and with a toothpick I licked the end (not recommened as now all I can taste is nail polish!!) and picked up the gold stud, which I then placed on the nails in a line.

Here are the results;


These nails make me want to ride a motorbike and put on some leathers! How about you?! I adore them and think they are my favourite nails of all time (so far!)

I have now started a shop online where you can purchase the nails that I make at really reasonable prices. All the nail sets come with glue so can be worn straight away!

Here is a link to my shop; Nail Sets 
It is located on a website called etsy, and my shop name is queenlizard45uk.

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Thanks so much!

Lots of love,


  1. LOVE THESE! i bet they were so fiddly to do! love them tho

  2. Wooooah, amazeballs! Need to try this!:) Looks so luxurious!! xx

  3. Loving these!! I defo need to try this out.. Where to get the studs from??

  4. Thanks Annette! I bought the studs off ebay and they come in a pack of about 1,000! Deffo try it out and send me a pic!! xx