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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Halloween Nail Art

Hello nail bloggers! Halloween is just around the corner and its a great excuse to experiment with your nails - so what are you waiting for! The design possibilities are endless, but just incase you're stuck, here are afew ideas:


This is just a quick and basic slime design, which can also be converted into a blood drippinge effect by changing the black polish to red polish.
A good design for beginners are you dont need to be specific in your 'drops'!


Choose a dark base colour, either black or shimmery purple. From the top corner of your nail draw 3 white lines with enough space between each one. Simply join the lines by adding 'swoop's to create the web effect!

The skull is actually really easy. Draw an outline with white polish leaving 2 squares and 1 triangle in the middle for the eyes and nose. Simply fill in with the white leaving some area black for the mouth.

Or, if you need something quick - how about Sally Henson Halloween nail wrap?


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