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Monday, 3 October 2011

Christmas Nails: (Too early?!)

Hello my nail blogger followers, I have been abit naughty as of late and decided to do a christmas nail idea (Its only just turned October I know!)

I was given this idea last week at my nail course, when my tutor mentioned her clients like this type of design at Christmas and that if there is time, she will teach us all at the end of the course. Well, me being me couldnt wait to be shown what to do, so I tried to give it a bash on my own! The results arent perfect so Im now looking forward to being shown exactly what to do in afew weeks time!

I began by painting my nails a deep red colour and gathering up some gold glitter. This can be ANY glitter, so buy some craft glitter instead, as nail glitter is over priced. Just make sure its fine and not bulky glitter, otherwise itll be hard to cover with a top coat and chip very easily.

Once dried, I painted the tops of my nails with a clear top coat (as If I was doing a french manicure) and then dipped my nails into the glitter. Dont make the mistake I did in not giving enough time for the base (red) coat to dry fully. I ended up with bits of glitter all over the rest of the nail, which meant I had to re-do them. So be patient!

Here is the outcome, what do you think?? (I didnt have time to remove the polish from around the nails, sorry)

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Lots of love,

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