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Friday, 7 October 2011

Nail Course: Day 2

Hello my nail bloggers!
So, on Tuesday I went along to my nail class, my second lesson. There was alot of time wasting at the start, as for some reason another class had taken our room. But, after 45 minutes of walking around the college we eventually found a room! Our tutor went through a mini manicure on one of the pupils, but instead of learning the french manicure (white tips) she decided to roll on from the last lesson of corner flicks.
We were all put in partners and told to give each other a mini manicure! I was so nervous! Ive never painted anyones nails before, let alone rub cuticle oil in or push the cuticles back! Even though I was nervous, I did rather well and the tutor was impressed.

Here are afew pictures I took of the manicure and corner flicks I did on my partner. Apologies for the quality of the photo - it was taken on my phone!!

Lots of love,

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