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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Nail Art Trend Alert!!

Move over crackle nail polish, there is a new thrend on the horizon. Nails Inc are about to launch a magnetic nail polish. Yes, thats right - Magnetic Nail polish.

Let me explain!

The polish will contain tiny amounts of iron powder and come with a magnet in the lid. You paint your nails, then while it's wet, simply move the magnetic lid over the nails.
The little iron particals in the polish will be attracted to the magnet and create a new look!

They will be launched by Nails Inc in September, priced £12 and come in 3 metallic shades - Gold (Big Ben), Silver (Trafalgar Square) and Blue (Houses of Parliament).

How very futuristic.
Is this the future of nail polish?
What other ideas will develop in afew years?

Lots of love

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