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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Newspaper Print Nail Art

Hello! Sorry its been awhile since my last post - Ive been moving house! Anyways, I thought Id try out a new design - Newspaper print.

Its actually a very easy idea but the effects look really good!

To start you need - Base Coat
                                                               White or Grey nail polish
                                                               Newspaper print cuttings
                                           Surgical Spirit
                                        Cotton Buds

Firstly, paint a base coat to ensure your nails are protected and then paint your nails your chosen colour of either white or grey.

Once your nails are dry, you need to pour the surgical spirit into a bowl/pot (the bowl or pot needs to be deep enough for the surgical spirit to cover the entire nail).

Dip one of your nails into the surgical spirit and shake of any excess. Place a newspaper cutting onto your nail (make sure the print is facing down) and slightly rub the top of the paper to tranfer the design. Remove the newspaper to reveal the design! You can now use the cotton buds to wipe away the excess of surgical spirit from around your nail bed.

Once you have completed all your nails, complete the look with a clear top coat. This will prevent your design from chipping and last longer.

I will try my best to upload the video guide too (my laptop is being a little strange!)

I hope you find my guide helpful and let me know if you have tried this effect!!

Lots of love,


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