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Saturday, 18 August 2012

How much would you spend on Nail Polish?

Hello everyone!!

How much would you spend on nail polish? Me, personally - not alot. I find that some cheap brands, for example Barry M are amazing quality. With these priced at £2.99 and are often on sale for 3 for 2, I find it hard to spend more than this on nail polish.

Anyway, while browsing the net I came across a nail polish that costs... wait for it....

 $250,000 which comes to around £160,000!!!

Im sure youre shouting - what the HELL do you get for money?

Well, it contains 267-carats of black diamonds.  Blimey. I can also reveil that there is only 1 bottle of this in the world. I dont know who would want to spend that much!

However, budget style versions will be on sale at a price of  $25 but will only contain 1 single diamond!

Even though the polish looks lovely, Im doubtful that anyone (with a right mind) would want to pay that much!!

What do you think??

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