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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Poor, weak, brittle nails.

Hello everyone :)

Ive noticed that constant painting and nail polish removing has taken its toll on my poor little nails (This might not be the actual reason, but Im sticking with it!). They've become weak, brittle and really rubbish. See;

hideous nails. and boring. NEED POLISH.

So, I went out and bought afew nail care treatments and given my nails a well earned rest.
(I lasted 2 days without painting them, opps!)

I first bought some 'Nail Magic' nail glue, which stated it could help repeair and mend cracked nails in seconds. (£1.00 from Savers) Perfect.

it definetly bonds skin in seconds... !

When I used this, I couldnt believe how sticky it was. (I seriously should never use glue, Im dangerous) Yes, I know its glue and its supposed to be sticky but after applying to my thumb, the skin behind the top of my nail actually become stuck to the underneath of my nail! Hard to explain but hopefully you get the idea. Though, this did work!! The split that I had and kept catching on lose threads is bonding and as smooth as... ya know :) My verdict - Good and does the job!

My next purchase was “Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Nail Strengthener” (£1.49 from Savers).

The packaging said, “Bonds & Seals Weak Fragile Nail Layers to Resist Breaking”. Sounded just what I needed! This is applied just like a base coat on your nails and seems to be working really well. Only after afew days my nail layers dont seem to be peeling 'as much'. I shall have to keep using this to see if it really does make my nails stronger! Heres hoping!

My third and final purchase was "Sally Hansen - Quick Care pen". Again, this was only £1,00 from Savers. (Seriously good shop for nail bargains)

This product is basically exactly the same as above, but I bought it anyway! Ive been using this over my nails and around my cuticles to hopefullly soften them more and make my nails stronger. At least one of these products has to work, surely?! This has probably been my most used product since purchase, probably because its pen shaped and different to applying polish... random, but true.

Have you tried any of these products? Whats your opinions?

Lots of love,


  1. Thanks for a nice post, some interesting products I will need to have a search for!:) xx

  2. Thanks Tereza :) Deffo have a look around Savers. They have some great bargains, especially by Sally Hansen!! x

  3. my nails can be brittle too, i tend to use nail strengthener polish, but its so boring, i need colour lol

  4. im not a fan of sally hanson always been dissapointed with her products to strengthen nails. hope you have more luck than me though xx