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Monday, 30 January 2012

Barry M - Croc Effects/Foil Effects

Hello followers, Have you all had a good Monday? Yesterday I FINALLY got my hands on Barry M croc effects nail polish. I cannot express how long I have been after this, and everytime I went into Boots, they were out of stock. Typical!

As soon as I saw it, I snapped it up... along with their Gold effects polish (oh, and managed to get their free lip gloss too, BONUS!!)
So, lets put these beauties to the test...

I shall start my review with Gold effects. As with all Barry M nail paints, the polish glided on smoothly, the colour very strong and I only used one coat (unusual for me!)

The colour is amazing. I thought the colour might fade after afew hours, but no its still as bright as when I first put it on. I love it so much, I nearly never put the croc effect over the top, but the bottle was staring at me, begging me to try... so I had too!

I read the instructions (above) and got in abit of a panic. Touch dry?! How will I know if its touch dry but not fully dry!? What will happen if I do it too early or too late?! Ahhhhhh. I hate,hate,hate touching polish when its 'tacky' and it leaves a horrible 'print' mark, but alas it had to be done *sob*

I applied a layer to my nails and waited for the results....

....and waited.....

and waited.... blimey this stuff takes along time! It must have been about 5 minutes before any pattern started to emerge, and when it did, BOOM.

I messed up alittle with my second finger, but over-all, Its pretty damn good! My thumb looks exactly like the top of the bottle, hehe.

My verdict on the croc nails is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
I love it.
I seriously have no idea how they can make a polish make certain patterns, but its genius and I hope Barry M continues to create such good quality and unique products.

Ohhh, a thumb nail and my eye. Hello.

Whats your opinion on the croc effects and the foil effects nail polishes?

Lots of love,


  1. i love the croc effect! I was very disapointed with the white crackle effect one. It was like using tippex on my nails! Wish i got the black one now!

  2. Aww no :( Ive not tried the white one! Ive got the black, pink and won the gold one in a competition today!! xx

  3. It is always out of stock!! Ahh!! Hopefully tomorrow will be my lucky day and I can finally get some :) Looks great. Love the Gold, its one of my favourite colours :)

  4. I love it :) it was one of my first blog posts back in december :) xx

  5. Try superdrug, as I went in yesterday and they had a full shelf. Also, go to boots really early, thats when I grabbed mine! I went back in the afternoon to buy something and it had all gone! I was lucky :) xx

  6. Love it!! It would be good if a leopard print effect came out!! I've tried the crackle effect in black and a powder blue.
    Check out my blog here @ hothappenings

  7. Wow love the croc effect much more than the ordinary shatters/crackles. I'm your new follower by the way, so glad to have found another UK blogger!!!

  8. Welcome to you both!! Glad to meet another UK peep also :)
    Yes, I think I prefer croc to crackle but I suppose it depends what mood youre in. Love love LOVE BARRY M though <3

  9. Wow that looks amazing, obsessed with the crackle polishes so I may have to give this a go! :)

    I've got the silver foil and it looks great at first but I found it faded and chipped much more than normal Barry M polishes :/


  10. I bought this when it first got released on the Barry M website, and I did try it out.
    Unfortunately it didn't work well on my nails. Maybe it was the polish I used underneath?? Not sure.

    However, this looks great how you've done it, looks just like it does on the bottle :)

    Laura x

  11. I've really wanted to try this stuff out and its great to see what it really does look like! I have the silver foil effects which is pretty awesome. When I can afford my next splurge this will be on the top of my list! Love your blog! XxxX