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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Topshop - Nail Art Pen

Hello everyone!
It seems the nail art craze is hitting the high street even more, as Topshop launches its very own Nail Art pen!

Ive not seen them in real life but judging by the pictures - Im not very impressed. The nib seems rather chunky so you could only do designs such as stripes or spots. Plus, Im not too sure how reliable they will be as it says you need to 'pump the nib until the colour flows'? Strange.

Costing £6.50 each is also quite steep, especially if youre after more than one colour! If you really want to try out nail art, I would suggest spending £20 on a RIO nail set, which will come with a variety of colours (jewels, glitter and dvd!) and they are amazing quality.

You can buy the RIO set from here:

Im pleased to see that nail art seems to be taking off, but I think this is a product I wont be purchasing, as there really are better quality items on the market.

Have you tried one of these pens? Whats your thoughts?

Lots of love,

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