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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Finished Christmas Wheel

Hello nail lovers!

Last night I finished my Christmas nail art wheel. It was fun to be putting my ideas onto nails, but also quite tough  and I got through abit of nail polish remover! oh dear..!

Anyway, now my Christmas wheel is complete, it will be easier for anyone wanting their nails done by me to see my designs and maybe choose one to have.

What do you think??

I think my favourite designs are the festive lights, the wreath and the little robin!

Which are your favourites and why?
Id love to hear your thoughts!!!

Lots of love,


  1. love the snowman, robin and the christmas lights!

  2. Excellent work! The reindeer is too cute and the snowman is just adorable.

  3. Like the snowflakes and the christmas lights one. How are you going to advertise these? Bet a lot of people will want them over the next month! xx

  4. Thanks everyone! Im hoping to just display in a CD display case for now. Glad you all like them :)