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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Skull Design

Hello nail bloggers!
Just a quick post to show you my design of a skull on my boyfriends nail.
It was actually alot easier than I thought.
After painting the nail black, I used my white nail pen and painted a circle in the middle of the nail. I added a cross effect over the circle with 2 dots at the end of each line and 3 small dots below the circle. This giving me a basic skull shape. After waiting for the white to complelty dry, I used my black nail pen to add 2 dots in the circle for the eye sockets and a tiny one at the bottom for the mouth.

Do you like it?

Are there any desigins you would like me to try? I love experimenting, so please let me know!

Lots of love,


  1. Love this! You've done a great job, I want one of those nail pens!! :) Have you ever done a rainbow? Or a rainbow style nail effect?
    Gem x

  2. Hello Gem! No I havent tried a rainbow actually, might have to give that a go! xx