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Friday, 16 September 2011

Cath Kidston Inspired Nails!

Hello nail bloggers :)
I purchased 2 nail polishes this morning - Blue Moon and  Peach Melba, both by Barry M. I also received a Cath Kidston brochure through the post and was in awe at the wonderful designs. I was really inspired by the patterns, so thought I'd attempt my very own 'Cath Kidston' nails using the 2 colours I purchased today.

What you will need:

Barry M - Blue Moon
Barry M - Base Coat
Barry M - Coral
Barry M - Peach Melba
Rio Art Pen - Green
Cocktail Stick   

Ok, as always - start with your base coat!!  I then painted all my nails with Blue Moon (Barry M)

Once dried, I added 3 dots to each nail with Peach
Melba (Barry M)

Now, here comes the tricky bit. Drip some Coral (Barry M) nail polish onto a piece of paper and using the cocktail stick as a brush, add a few edges around the dots to create a rose effect. To finish the design off, I added a few green lines to each flower and once dried, topped of all my nails with a topcoat!

Here is the final design:

What do you think of my 'Cath Kidston' inspired nails?

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