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Friday, 1 June 2012

New from Barry M - Chameleon Nail Paint!!

Barry M have just announced a new line of polish on their Facebook page!!! How exciting!! And its realised TODAY!!!!!!!!!

This is what they had to say last week:

"Very excited to share with you our NEWEST nail effect nail paint CHAMELEON!! 2 colours in 1, simply brush a stroke of clear nail paint over one coat to see a new colour appear! In Superdrug and Boots next week. Colours include Pink, Lilac and Blue. Lid indicates the shade your nail paint will change to."

I am definitely going to have to buy some of these, especially is Superdrug still have the 3 for 2 offer! This is going to make nail art so much easier - dots, lines, patterns, you name it! 

I have to admit, I still haven't bought any of the Barry M magnetic range. I'm not sure why, but they really don't interest me. Maybe its the designs they create, or maybe its the bulky packaging? Either way, I need convincing! 

Much love fellow readers!


  1. These sound great! I'll be buying these!