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Monday, 23 April 2012

Queens Jubilee Nails

Hello all :)

Hope you're all keeping well! Im back after having a little break from nail art. I went through a rough patch thinking I was awful at nail art, and what was the point in having a blog if I wasnt as good as everybody else. Well, Ive decided to stop being so hard on myself and anyway - nail art is supposed to be fun!

So, on with the show....

As the Queens Jubilee is fast approaching us, I decided to jump on the band wagon and design the most iconic design there is - The Union Jack!!!

I started with a deep blue base coat;

Adding the white lines were tricky (but not as tricky as the red lines!!) My hands still seem to shake as much whenever I want to create a straight line!

Here is the final design, what do you think?

What other designs do you think I should try for the Queens Jubilee?
Thanks for reading, please leave me some nice comments :)



  1. Thanks for this I Love them,going to try over weekend I've big box of false nails and all the colours to do it.Looks simple to do but lets see, I'm a newb :)

  2. Hi Paula.. thanks for checking out my blog!! Definately try this out! Perfect for the months ahead :)
    It seems easy, but I got a little fustrated with myself trying to make sure the lines were straight. My hands shook so much as I havent done my nail art for afew weeks!! xx

  3. hi,I've done nails for 17yrs, just doin a new board of nails for jubilee, try doin white polish first, then red, then put blue triangles in, you'll probably find this easier, make sure brush isnt too long or too thick, just an idea xx