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Thursday, 9 February 2012

This Nail Polish's Inspiration?

Hello lovely people!

Again, you have read the title correctly. A couple of weeks ago I created a blog post about the Nail Wraps by Nail Rock which had a vagina illustrated on one nail but now somebody has gone that little bit further into the 'damn right disgusting' catagory!

The brand 'Strange/Beautiful' have launched there 5th range of shades, inspired by menstrual blood, bruises and other extremely odd inspiration sources. Apperently the brands creator Jane Schub didnt want to create a 'typical' set of nail polishes, and instead referred to the colours in terms of materials that they looked like.

Menstrual Last Day, Gradations of a Bruise, Estuary Run-off, and Worn Black Bible are just several shades from the latest nail polish collection.


The colour of Menstrual Last Day might be gorgeous, but knowing what its called an then thinking about that and then looking at my nails - I might actually be sick! Im sorry, but these names may be unique and very good for promotion, but I dont think it will make my buy them, infact - Im put off by these names!

If, however you are interested in buying them  - feel free to pop along to, but as $79 for 8 polishes, are they really worth it?

So, gross or great? Id love to hear your opinions!!

1 comment:

  1. I think I just puked in my mouth.. Would not buy this.. Who the hell comes up with these ideas? GAG!