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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pick 'n' Mix Nails

Happy Sunday folks :)

Last night I went around a friends and she let me experiment some ideas/deisgns on her lovely nails. Painting other peoples nails is something I rarely do. I get rather nervous, my hands shake and I just cant concentrate! This is because I believe Im not as good as people think I am, but thankfully, Nina was lovely and after afew restarts from rubbish mistakes, I began to relax and enjoy.

I have 2 favourite designs on this hand - the grey with black stripes and the orange with black heart. Both are very simple, but I think they show an artistic side without being over the top.

The second finger is a foil wrap, which is actually quite hard to use. You paint your nail with a special adhesive glue, wait for it to go clear, stick the foil ontop and quickly pull off. It sounds easy but it never comes 'fully' off, so it would be a knightmare if you had to allign up a pattern.

The silver on the first finger is yet another foil. Only a tiny bit came off, so I quickly turned it into a half design. I actually quite like it, again simple! The ring finger was probably the most fun to create, but I think I need a thinner brush, as the writing was tough to do. Its a comic book theme design with 'Nina' written underneath it, would look fabulous as a full set of nails with different colours etc!

Hope you have enjoyed my little experiment, I definatly did!

Lots of love,

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