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Friday, 3 February 2012

Myleene Klass Nail Wraps

Hello all :)

Have you seen these new wonderful nail wraps by the gorgeous Myleene Klass?

I like Myleene Klass and am excited about her career path into nail art. Although, Im not a fan of nail wraps. I feel as if they are cheating 'proper' nail art, but I guess its good if youre in a hurry. I did try a cheap set from poundland once butI just didnt understand them. Maybe it was because they were from poundland?! I dont know.

However, my team leader in work came in the other day with a gorgeous set of zebra print nails. This is obviously the first thing I notice and she explains she picked these 'Klass Nail Wraps' up from asda for a mere £5.99. 
She has had them on for well over a week now, and they are still in amazing condition. No pulls, no chips - NOTHING.

I think Im going to have to try these beauties out and see if they can convert me. Im just trying to decide what pattern I would want?! Help!!


  1. I actually picked these up today :D

  2. Looking forward to seeing which ones you choose! I keep seeing an advert on tv for these, so will be good to find out if they are any good!
    The red hearts and lace ones are really cool and so are the roses and tartan! XxxX

  3. Let me know when you have tried these because they are so cute, some great designs amongst them :D