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Sunday, 19 February 2012

False Nails with Adhesive Tabs

Hello lovelies :)

Last week I attempted something I hate - False Nails. Im seriously not a fan because I find when I have them I cant do ANYTHING, plus they never seem to last long so to me, theyre a waste of money. Im guessing theyre like marmite - you either love them or hate them.

The only reason I tried these out was because I won them in a blog competition, and Ive never used adhesive tabs before, just glue. So I thought - why not!

The adhesive tabs were actually pretty easy to use and made the whole 'applying false nails' process alot easier and less stress free. Usually I would have glued some fingers together, I really do need supervision when using glue!)

for some reason, this photo wouldnt turn round!
 The tabs were all shaped in different sizes, just like the false nails. This made it easy to select the perfect size for each nail.

I started to fall in love with the nails as I progressed through. Look how gorgeous my nails look compared to normally?

The finished results....

So, what do you think? Pretty cute huh? and easy peasy with the adhesive tabs! If you're a false nail fan then I would definatly recommonend  them.

I am a pretty untidy worker though....

I adored these nails for.... one day. (see, im really not a fan of falses at all)

Ok, the next day the nails seemed to be 'lifted' from my real nails. It wasnt due to them coming loose because the adhesive was well and truely sticking to my nails bed. I hope you can see from the photo below what I mean.

I suppose it wasnt really a 'problem', but everytime I picked something up, it felt as if my actual finger nails were going to be pulled off.... a strange feeling!

At the end of the second day, I sadly had to take them off. I believe this was a mix of the adhesive tabs expanding, and me generally not liking the 'false nail' feel. Such a shame!!

I followed ALL the insructions about how remove them aswell but STILL they seemed to ruin my nail bed...

My poor nails!!!! It took me ages to get the damn adhesive tabs off... they really do stick to your nails!

Anyways, my verdict is that adhesive tabs seem a good idea, and the false nails I used were really pretty, but unfortunatly false nails are not for me.

Im more of a nail art preson!! :)


  1. Looking at first glance. The nails look soo nice!! But then looking at the pics near the end of the post that's quite devastating!! I've never tried nails of those kind before!!

    Hot Happenings

  2. When u were about to put the nails on at first ur nails were fine until u put them on they turned out devastating

  3. The nails expand-lifted because you did not seal the undersides of your petti with clear nail polish.