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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Animal Print Nail Wheel

Hello my nail readers!

I have been working hard on a new nail wheel and it was supposed to be all animal print designs, but as you can see I went a little 'off topic' on afew nails :)


Above is my Cath Kidston flower design which I did a blog post on afew weeks ago.


I really like the multi-coloured 'cheetah' pattern. I wasnt too sure it would work but I think the outcome is really good! Next to that design is supposed to be part of a butterfly wing. Again, I really like this creation but Im not sure everyone can make out what it is, without me explaining could you?


The flower on the bottom nail is one of the 3D flowers I recieved from Hong Kong afew weeks ago. I bonded it to the nail with a clear nail polish, no need for glue :)

What are you thoughts?

Any suggestions on ideas for my next wheel?

Lots of love,

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