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Friday, 18 November 2011

I WON!!! Kellogg's Special K

Hello nail bloggers!!!

Remember my blog post afew weeks ago about a competition with Kellogg's to win a red Nails inc nail polish? Well, Ive only gone and won one!!!!!

I was so excited, I literally skipped around the room for hours. I never win anything!!

Anyway, I tried out the polish and was overwhelmed by how good it is. Considering its techincally free, I thought the polish might be watered down a little, or not as good as a normal Nail's inc polish - but I was so wrong! The colour is a lovely vibrant red and the polish is a good texture that goes on really well. I always thought Nails inc were expensive with there polishes at £13 a bottle - but if they're all like this, then I definatly think theyre worth it!!

Sorry these pictures are a little out of focus.

All Ive got left to say is - go out and buy some SPECIAL K and enter this competition! NOW!!


  1. Wooooooo well done......[=

  2. oooh - looks good! xxx

  3. well done, lovely colour!!!