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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nail Design Disaster!?

Hello nail bloggers. Hope you're all having a brilliant weekend! Late last night I decided to re-do my nails, and I must say - It was a complete disaster!

My first mistake was the background colour I chose, Barry M - Cyan Blue. Its one of my favourite colours, but it really doesnt go well with a pattern ontop.

My second mistake was the design! I was hoping to do something similar to my last Cath Kidston pattern, but unfortunatly it didnt turn out well. Im going to blame it all on it being rather late in the evening and I was tired. (Im hoping this is the case anyway!)

If you do happen to like the design and wanted to attempt it, heres a quick guide!

After painting my base coat and then top coat of Barry M - Cyan Blue, I added light green leaves in the middle of each nail. Once dried, I designed afew flowers with 2 different shades of pink and finished the look with one or two stems of grass.

Hope you enjoyed reading, and hopefully my next design will be more successful!!

Lots of love,

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