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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Blue and white polka dot manicure

I used Barry M - Cyan Blue (below) and Rio nail art pen in White (1109)

(Sorry I couldnt find a picture of the Rio nail pen I used. 
It comes in a set and can be bought from Argos for about £24.99)

I first gave me nails 2 coats of the Cyan Blue. You can always use 1 coat, but I find 2 coats give a brighter look and seem to last that little bit longer. (which is always a bonus!) I then applied white dots using the Rio pen into rows over the blue. Normally I add the dots randomly, but it I find that having a structure made the nails look more professional. I have to admit I forgot to put any undercoat or top coat on. (slaps wrists) Try to always remember to put an undercoat on, as this stops any polish staining your nails. I once painted my nails yellow, again without an undercoat (slaps wrists again) and after countless hours of trying to remove the polish, it left a hint of dirty yellow - which was not pretty.

I love the results and have had many compliments about the cute design.

What do you think?

Lots of love


  1. Love the nails! Barry M has some gorgeous colours! I might have to invest in one of those pens though! Love those nails! Also, I know what you mean about the yellow nail varnish! I once put some Barry M yellow on mine and after taking it off, my nails were an off yellowy colour for ages!

    Gem xx

  2. Thanks! I think Barry M is my favourite brand of nail polishes, they colours are so vibrant and they are so easy to apply! The nail art pens are a must if you love doing your nails. They are a pen and brush in one!! x